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Terms and Conditions 2024-2025


Participation in the RMHA 2024/25 season is subject to the member being in good standing with the association (and any other member of Hockey Canada). This includes, but is not limited to, current disciplinary measures on a members Hockey Canada profile, payment of required fees (such as registration, conditioning camp and team fees) and compliance with mandatory waivers and/or programs such as Fair Play and Respect in Sports for Parents/Activity Leaders. The RMHA Board reserves the right to refuse participation of any person.

Registration and Fees

The registration fee includes a non-refundable fee of $100. Early fees apply before July 10th and late fees will apply after September 5th. Payment by e-Transfer may be used for full payment only (e-transfer will not be accepted for installment payments) Payment by Credit card may be use for full payment and installment payments.  *NOTE: The pro-rated Goalie Registration Fee for the U11-U21 divisions is reliant on the participant playing the position of goalie for the majority of the season. This will be assessed at mid and end-season for any adjustment in the registration fee that may be required.

Installment payments for Registration Fees are as follows: 1st payment 25% at time of registration; 2nd payment 25% July 5th; 3rd payment 25% July 26th; 4th payment 25% August 16th.

 The Family Discount will only apply when ALL children are registered within the same transaction. Ensure that ALL children are registered at the same time to qualify for the discount for families with 3 or more players. Each player will be required to pay team fees as a condition of play. This fee will be owed to your manager/coach after teams are formed. Such fees are set by each team to cover a variety of expenses. Refund requests are not accepted for team fees. Refund requests are only applicable to the registration fee. A request for refund must be sent to the Registrar in writing, citing the reasons for the request. The Registrar must be notified of the request by the dates outlined within the RMHA Refund Policy (available on our website).

Mandatory - Respect in Sports

Respect in Sports Parent Program It is mandatory that one parent from every family complete the Respect in Sports Parent Program on-line. If you are new to Hockey Eastern Ontario and/or have a player in U7 or U9 and have not yet completed the course, please do so prior to your player's first ice time. 

Registration 2024/25

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