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Terms and Conditions Humber Valley Hockey Sharks

Bench Staff:

Must have all necessary certification and training that is required by the GTHL.

Must review and follow the guidelines outined in the GTHL Handbook.


Refund Policy

Refund Policy Up To Midnight November 15th

If registration fees, sponsorships and additional monies have been paid to the Club and/or Team and that player is released or leaves the team for any reason, any time up to and including midnight November 15th, that player shall receive a pro- rata rebate calculated as follows: A charge of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) will be charged for each game or practice or off-ice training session that the Team held from the day of card signing to the day the release was granted. In addition, the team will also charge the player his/her proportionate share of any and all activities and expenses incurred by the team that can be verified in the team budget presented at, or about, the time of card signing. These charges will be deducted from the total amount paid by the family. Once these calculations have been made and agreed upon, a cheque is to be made payable by the Team. Before the cheque is released, all items supplied by the Club must first be returned to the Team Manager. The coaching staff must notify the General Manager in writing of the last date the player is to have played or participated in a team event and show the refund calculations prior to the pro-rata refund being authorized for release by the Club.

Refund Policy after Midnight November 15th

If a player is successful in securing a release from Humber Valley or the GTHL after November 15th, no refund of registration fee or sponsorship will be made.

Refund Responsibility
If a player is released by a team, all refunds due are the responsibility of the Team.


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