High Level North Stars 2024-25




Terms and Conditions

There will be no reimbursement of fees after Dec 31, refunds shall be issued in accordance with HLMHA registration policy.  See hand book for more information,

 Keep your receipt NO COPIES will be issued at tax time.


 I acknowledge and authorize HLMHA and/or any of its members or sponsors to publicize photos of my child for promotional purposes directly related to hockey.


 I understand that all registrations are subject to review by the Registrar and HLMHA board and no registration will be approved until all fees are cleared and required documentation is received.  Registration is undertaken with the understanding that additional team fees and travel cost will be required.


I assume all responsibility for risks, injuries and hazards incidental to such participation in HLMH including transportation to and from activities.  


I agree to return at season finale/or upon request, the Jersey and any other equipment issued to my child in as good condition as when received except for normal wear and tear. There will be a $200 charge for each jersey not returned. U18 Pants Shells must also be returned at the end of the season.


I agree to abide by all minor hockey rules as outlined in the HLMHA handbook, particularly the Code of Conduct (pg 10-11), I understand that my child could be suspended from HLMHA if I do not.

I declare that I have read, understood and agree to the contents of the INFORMED CONSENT form in its entirety 

High Level North Stars 2024-25

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