2024-2025 Hockey Season




Parent/Guardian Agreement

I hereby acknowledge and adhere to the Consititution/Bylaws of the H.M.H.C/L.M.H.A. and the Regulations as they relate to Minor Hockey and will not hold the City of Hamilton, the Organization, the Association or Executives, the Recreational Affiliates, Convenors, Coaches and Officials liable or repsponsible for player injuries.  Any player registered with H.M.H.C. is subject to the bylaws 2 & 5.  All players registered in the H.M.H.C may not participate in any other league except High School Hockey.  Players who disregard these Bylaws are subject to dismissal without refund.  I certify the registered player is physically fit for sports participation and acknowledge full risk to the hockey program.

If this is your first year playing, you agree to submitt a copy of your child's birth certificate/or Passport, Proof of Address in the form of a utility bill or driver's licence and complete the Respect In Sports Course located on the Allince Web page.

  • Full payment must be recieved prior to Sept 1 2024
  • Refund Ploicy:     March 1st - Aug 31st - $25.00 Administration charge                                 Sept 1st- Sept 30th - $50.00 Administration charge 
  •                             Oct 1-Dec 31st Pro-Rated, plus $100.00 adminstration charge                              After Dec 31st- NIL
  • I the undersigned parent/legal guardian accept and acknowledge having read and fully understand this registration form and the refund policies as set out here in.

The undersigned consents and understands that the information requested on this form is required by the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) and its Member Partners including LMHA, HMHC and MHAO (their executives, employees, coaches and volunteers) for any events or other activities.  In Order to do so, the OHF, its Member Partners and Hockey Canada may if required request proff of player's identity, address and date of birth.  If I wish to be removed, I will send a letter in writting to the League requiring them to do so.


2024-2025 Hockey Season

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