NDG-CDN U-09 to 12 Boys & Girls Regional (Competitive LDR-A)




Refund Policy

Please read carefully the following information about NDG Soccer Association (NDGSA) registration fee refunds. Intercity registration fees are not refundable after a player has been selected to a team.

For Intercity tryout players who have not been selected to a team, a request must be made for either a refund for the difference of fees if the player is playing in the Recreational League, or a full refund less administration fees (65$)* upon withdrawal from the NDGSA. Please answer the questions related to Intercity Tryout. * less a fee of $65, which represents the non-refundable affiliation fee of $40 plus the non-refundable administration fee of $25.

The deadline to ask for a refund for an Intercity Tryout player who has not been selected is the same as a Recreational League player, described below.

A hundred percent (100%) of the registration fee less administration amount non-refundable (65$)* for a player in Recreational, may be refunded up to the end of the 1st week of activities upon withdrawal from the NDGSA and the return of their uniform.

After this date, 50% of the registration fees less administration amount non-refundable (65$)* may be refunded up to the end of the 4th week of activities, upon withdrawal from the NDGSA. No refunds will be given for requests made after this date. Refunds will not include certain fees that may have applied: late registration, non-resident of Concordia region, fees for Concordia passports and NSF cheques.

The refund will be reduced by the amount of any rebate given when the player registered. No refunds will be made without the form “REQUEST FOR REGISTRATION REFUND”

NDG-CDN U-09 to 12 Boys & Girls Regional (Competitive LDR-A)

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