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CMBA Registration Policy

NOTE: THIS POLICY applies to the current season registration and does not “grandfather” or allow “carry over” from previous seasons. All CMBA Board Decisions are Final.

Camrose Minor Ball Association is committed to providing an enjoyable activity at an affordable cost for all participants. The association welcomes participants residing within the City and County of Camrose and extends that welcome to players outside of the county, if registration with the association meets the criteria outlined in the “CMBA Player Import Policy” and Baseball Alberta “Player Transfer Guidelines”.

Registration Duration

  • Regular registration will commence on Feb 1st. Registration will remain open until April 15th.

Fee Structure

  • Regular Registration Fees are calculated/reviewed on a yearly basis by Camrose Minor Ball Association and are based on the amount of cost incurred by CMBA to offer a basic program at the particular age level of the registrant. This Registration Fee must be paid by all registrants at each level.
  • Tryout fees will be separate from Registration Fees.
  • All Rep player fees are included in registration fees, though separate team fee's may apply if you make one of the Representative teams.


  • All players must be registered with CMBA prior to taking part in any CMBA sanctioned activities (eg. Tryouts or evaluations, etc.), unless CMBA approved Waivers are provided.
  • If you are registering multiple players, you may be entitled to a discount as below
    • 3 players registered there is a $50.00 discount
    • 4 or more players there is a $100.00 discount
  • Registration fees can be broken up into 3 payments with postdated cheques made on the following dates: March 1st (or time of registration), second payment April 1st, and third payment on May 1st. All Cheques must be made out to CMBA.
  • CMBA has mandated a cash raffle with each player registration to sell a booklet of 10/15 tickets at $5.00 each ($50 or $75 pending age group). Parents/Guardians of the registrant will be required to pay for the booklet(s) at time of registration and further information regarding deadline and draw dates will be on the ticket. This raffle is to help offset the general expenses involved with running the association be it diamond use, coach mentorship, equipment, etc.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please email our registrar at registrar@camroseball.com 

Financial Assistance

CMBA is dedicated to welcoming every youth in Camrose and surround area who wants to play ball. No child should not have an opportunity to play, simply because a family cannot make the financial commitment. We are pleased to offer financial assistance to those families who wish to enroll their child in baseball but are facing financial difficulties.

Parents/Guardians of children seeking financial assistance to cover baseball registration fees should first contact the following agencies:

  1. Canadian Tire Jumpstart
  2. Kidsport

Refund Policy

This policy’s intent is to outline CMBA’s procedure when receiving a request for refund and to fairly deal with extenuating circumstances that may require the withdrawal of a player during a season, while at the same time underscore the need for the commitment to the game and to a team.

A request for refund will be subject to the following conditions: (No Refunds are available for Raffle Ticket Booklets)

Requests for player withdrawal received prior to team appointment, will be eligible for a full reimbursement of paid fees less a $25.00 administrative fee.

Requests for player withdrawal received after team appointment but still prior to season start, are eligible for a refund of 50% of paid registration fees.

Requests for player withdrawal received after the start of the season (May 1st) are not eligible for any refund, unless there are extenuating circumstances to consider regarding the withdrawal that meet the below criteria: (requests will be reviewed by the CMBA board for these circumstances)

  • A job transfer to another town or city (the new residence of the player must be outside of the registration boundaries of CMBA)
  • Medical reasons. Must be accompanied by a doctor's certificate.

Note: Team fees once submitted to the team are non-refundable. Teams’ base fees on the number of players at time of budgeting and can not be expected to change while in season.

Note: Tryout fees are non-refundable once the tryouts have commenced. Refund requests that are approved after season start will be refunded on a pro-rated basis. All CMBA Board Decisions are Final

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