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St George Minor Hockey Terms and Conditions

All players must habitually reside within the eligible boundaries of the SGMHA, as on file with the OMHA, with their custodial parents or legal guardians or apply to play with SGMH through the Non-Resident program (NRP).

BIRTH CERTIFICATES - All NEW registrants must provide a photocopy of the player’s birth certificate and mail or email a copy to the registrar. Where a new registrant was born in a country other than Canada the player may provide a document from Employment and Immigration Canada which verifies the date of the birth of the player.

RESPECT IN SPORT - The Respect in Sport online training will be required to be completed by each new family registering with SGMH. **Registration is not considered complete and will not be accepted without the above mentioned documentation.** 


Registration fees are set by the Executive prior to the start of each hockey season.

Registration is not considered complete until the Registrar receives all payments and forms, and if applicable, birth certificates.

Registration for St. George Minor Hockey must be done on-line through the Hockey Canada Online Registration system. Payments can be made or arranged by e-transfer, cheque or cash, by emailing sgmhpayments@yahoo.com.

All cheques are to be made payable to St. George Minor Hockey Association, in the amounts and dates specified in the policy for the current hockey season. When a cheque is returned, for whatever reason, the Treasurer will contact the Registrar, who in turn contacts the parent/guardian. The parent/guardian is informed that: the returned cheque must be replaced immediately, and before the player(s) step on the ice, with a certified cheque, cash or money order. The parent/guardian is responsible for applicable bank and administrative charges. The player will no longer be able to participate in any SGMHA sanctioned event until payment is complete. The Registrar will also contact the player(s) coach and inform them that until further notice, the player will no longer be able to participate in any SGMHA sanctioned event.

The Registrar will not disclose the reason. Discretion may be used for alternative replacement arrangements.

If we, SGMHA, do not have enough players to put a team on the ice in a particular age category, letters of permission will be issued to the affected players, thus allowing them to register in another center. The decision to issue letters of permission is made by the Executive.

Players may not be on the ice unless registered to this Association and registration fees must be in order before that player steps on the ice.

All Team Officials must be registered on Officials OMHA roster. These are the only people allowed on the bench during any game.

Insurance for all players will be mandatory and such charges will be incorporated in the player registration fees.

Any member of St. George Minor Hockey with monies owing to St. George Minor Hockey will be considered members not in good standing and will not be allowed to register until payment is made in full. 


Refunds of registration fees will be arranged on a pro-rated basis under one or more of the following conditions:

1) Presentation of a medical certificate.

2) Player signing with OHL, OHA or AAA club.

3) Player moving beyond the eligibility boundaries of the SGMHA.

4) In the event there is no appropriate team for the player to play for.

5) Other requests for refunds in special circumstances will be at the discretion of the Executive.

Refunds will be granted according to the date the written application is received by the Registrar, Treasurer, or Secretary and the following table:

Up to September 30 90%

During the Month of October 75 %

During the Month of November 50%

During the Month of December 0

No late charges will be refunded If request for refund does not meet any of the criteria above a $50 administration fee will be charged, September 1-30 inclusive. 


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